Up the Ouse Valley Line

So a few weeks ago Tarring Neville was at the Brighton MRC show. Its a fairly small show and has a nice friendly atmosphere. The layout ran well although the one Cobalt motor on the layout sounds like its going to pack up soon so I’ll be removing it and replacing it with a simple rod and microswitch instead. My friend Richard came along had a nice little Terrier with him which we gave a run.

Opposite us at the show was Peter Bossom’s 3mm layout ” Thunders Hill”. It, like Herstmonceux, is based on the Ouse Valley line but set in 1936-38. Its a layout that I have only seen pictures of so was really pleased to see it in the flesh. Thunders Hill is actually a road near Chiddingly and if Peter’s station had been built it would of been the next along the line from Herstmonceux.



More information about Peters layout can be found here

Building blocks


A milestone has been reached with Tarring Neville as all the buildings are just about finished and I can start thinking about fixing them to the layout. The flint barn has been painted and is just waiting on some details to put inside. I am really pleased how the internal flint wall leading up to the stairs has come out.


I am thinking of making a couple of the buildings removable. 1. To help with cleaning etc and 2. to stop them getting damaged in transport. The other large flint building has already been made removable so that if any of the point switches need attention I can still get to them. This was glued to a thin ply base and some bolts used to hold it in place. With the other buildings I’m going to look at adding some dowels to act as pins that slot into the baseboard.

Back to building buildings

Well Herstmonceux is now packed away in the shed again after its trip to Devon. Before the show I managed to get both the LBSCR Pull Push set and Birdcage set finished enough to use in the new timetable.  Barring a couple of odd coaches still in the “to do” pile I’m rather pleased to have all the coach sets done for the layout.
We had a good time at the show and even picked up the “Pete Lindsay Shield” for best layout voted for by the other exhibitors. The new timetable ran ok but needs a few tweaks in places before the layouts next outing in 2018




Although there was a small disaster just before the show when one of my operators favourite biscuits was out of stock in Aldi. Keeping operators happy is a hard task at the best of times so a plan was hatched to put things right…

So with Exeter out the way my focus is back on Tarring Neville and getting it finished for October. The last building I was working on is nearly finished. I just need to add a couple more small details and then it can be bedded into the layout. (and yes that is a Wampa and Stormtrooper in the background) 20170606_125308


The last building I need to make is based on a real building at Tarring Neville. I am only going to make the long large barn and will make a few slight changes to it so it fits the space I have.20170610_151243

And this is where i have got with it so far…


Cover up

With Herstmonceux’s last show of the year done my attention has turned to Tarring Neville again. The main focus at the minute is the building that will cover the point switches. Its being based on a building not far from where I live and is again mainly flint.

The main shell was made up from foam board and the basic flint work done before doing the demo at Uckfield back in October.


The next step was to get the roof on. This meant adding some more foam board for the base and cutting a lot of tile strips from thin card. Each strip was then individually glued on and some ridge tiles made from the same card to finish it off. It takes a while but is well worth the effort.


Before adding all the guttering and other smaller details I decided it would be a good time to get most of the painting done. It looks rather good along side the smaller flint building and I could resist taking a couple of pictures of it on the layout.




Next i’m going to tone down the brick work and roof then start adding the rest of the details. I will then get and finish the stores building that will be opposite it and get them both bedded in.

It’s alive!!

So over the last few weeks I have managed to get the wire in tube laid and then got all the track fixed in position. For the few straight lengths of track and some of the point work I used PVA glue, while on the curved sections I used super glue. I’d used these methods before on Herstmonceux and it seems to of held ok. Plus more glue with be used for ballasting or where hardstanding areas will be.
Once the track was down the boring job of wiring it up had to be done… Now originally I was only going to put a couple of dead sections in but I have ended up with 7. A loco can now be left in any siding while another does some shunting. The switch panel was made up and set into the side of the layout below the switches for the points.


With the wiring done it was time to do some testing but then I realised that I hadn’t finished the fiddle yard! I had already fitted the table for the traverser so add the three sidings and made the wiring simple. One side is always live while the other gets its power when a pin is put in place to hold the track in position.


A few niggles with the track work were sorted out and everything is running nicely now. While testing I found that shunting the sidings needs some concentration, otherwise its easy to get in a muddle. This should get even harder once buildings are in place!



And talking of buildings, I have made a start on the small flint building. My first test didn’t come out as planned. And since the picture below was taken I have had another go and got much better results. I will post more on how I have done this when I have a bit more to show.



Slow progress

I have finally made a start on track laying. The cork was cut and glued down the other week, then I gave the point work a final test and soldered some wires to the crossing Vee’s ready for wiring to the switches. I’ve decided to use slide switches like I used on Herstmonceux. These will change the polarity of the crossing Vee and via wire in tube change switch blades. 2 birds with 1 stone and its nice and simple.
The next 2 pictures show the track loosely laid out before I started cutting the cork ready for the wire in tube.



Hopefully in the next week or so I will get the wire in tube laid and get the point work fixed in place. After this I’ll work out where to put a few sections so the odd loco can be left in a siding while another does some shunting. Its probably a bit OTT for a small yard that would maybe only have one loco working at any one time but it will add a little more variety.
I have also started working out what some of the buildings will look like and have been doing a bit of local research. One thing I wanted to do was hide the corner of the fiddle yard backscene. For this I have started making a stores building loosely based on the one that was in the yard at Hellingly Station.


The building has a foamboard core which will be clad with South Eastern Finecast corrugated sheet. Hopefully this will look right once finished and help hide the corner. If not I have a couple of other ideas to try out. Another building that I hope to make a start on soon is this.



It was spotted whilst out on a walk and should make for an interesting little stores building. I will probably add the tank on the end too. Trying to replicate the flintwork in 4mm should be interesting! And talking of flintwork, I am hoping to use is this building somewhere. I will change the lower front a little and reinstate its window and garage door. Hopefully I can make it look like a small workshop of some sort.