A (small) bit on the side…

Whats this all about then? Well for a while now I’ve had an itch to do something slightly different but still based in Sussex. One thing I’ve been looking into and planning is some 16mm narrow gauge in the garden, but apart from building a few items of rolling stock and knocking up a couple of points the rest is a long way off yet.

Back in the real world of 4mm I have toyed with ideas of doing a cement works or something loosely based on Newhaven harbour. The problem I found is my plans always ended up a bit bigger than I wanted and I’m still building stock etc for Herstmonceux so didn’t want to start another largish project. Basically I wanted something small that I could set up at home and shunt some wagons around but designed to be able to take it to shows if needed. It had to be interesting to operate and I would use it to test out some new techniques and ideas.
I spent some time drawing some plans and writing ideas down. A rough size of 5ft x 2ft was decided by seeing what would fit in the car. The board had to include the fiddle yard which I was going to use the small cassettes from Herstmonceux but I’ve changed this to a traverser as it will fit better in the space. Thing is when it comes to it I prefer to just start building and let the planning naturally progress so here is where I’ve got to with the board. It’s mainly been made with off cuts of ply that I had left from building Herstmonceux.

The large square hole in the top left corner is where the fiddle yard will be. Along the left hand side is going to be a slight embankment and the cut out on the bottom right is for a small quayside/wharf. The idea is that you can view the layout from all sides. The next picture shows my rough track plan with a few buildings doodled on. Placement of the buildings will hopefully block the view into the fiddle yard at certain angles.


  1. This will be a hollow building to house switches etc
  2. Undecided as yet and possibly not over the tracks
  3. Also undecided but will only be half a building with detailed interior. The idea is that you can look through it to the rest of the layout.

Next i’m going to sort out some templot plans to make sure it all fits how I want and also try out some ideas for the light rig. Oh and come up with a name…..