A new coal lorry Pt. 1


In the mad rush to get things done for Herstmonceux’s first show back in 2014 a AEC Monarch was knocked up from a Coppercraft kit to be the Robins coal lorry. It was mean’t to be a stand in till I got round to making something a lot more suitable. A couple of people at shows had pointed out the AEC wasn’t right.. Sooo four years and seven shows later i’m finally doing something about it!
One of the people that will be happy i’m doing this is Gerry Bixley. I had the pleasure of a long chat with Gerry at Tolworth a couple of years ago and he pointed out the AEC. After some correspondence with him after the show he very kindly send me a spare Classix Austin K2 lorry and some instructions on what to do with it.

First job was to strip it down in to a set of parts. This involved removing the wheels and  drilling out three rivets underneath. You should then have something like this..

Now the Classix K2 isn’t bad but its wheelbase is little long. The 5-ton long wheelbase lorry is 13′ 1 3/4″ which is about 52mm in 4mm scale. This means cutting 5mm out the chassis.

This was glued back together and a small bit of scrap plasticard add for extra strength over the join. I also cut the sides off the rear bed and shorted it by removing the headboard and 2mm. The bed and the Cab were then left in some Dettol for a few days to remove the paint.

The next step is to fill the holes in the cab roof , make up a new headboard, start putting it back together and get it ready for painting.