Rhubarb and Custard?

A while ago I had decided that I wanted a BR Mk 1 set for Herstmonceux and that it had to be Blood and Custard livery. Why this livery and not the usual BR Green? Well I like the Blood and Custard livery for starters and I think it looks smart on the Mk 1’s.
Also at the time I only had one other rake of coaches in this livery so it would add a bit of colour and variety to the layout.

To begin with I started looking for set numbers of the 3 coach sets. The set numbers ran from 515 to 574 and were mainly formed BSK- CK-BSK. One small problem with this was the 3 coach sets didn’t arrived till 1957 and I try to keep Herstmonceux pre 1956!! Luckily for me the 4 coach sets arrived from 1952 onwards and were formed BSK-SK-CK-BSK. Information on the Set and Coach numbers can be found here http://www.semgonline.com/coach/CoachSets.txt

With a local(ish) set number decided on I sourced the coaches needed. These are all early Bachmann Mk 1’s with the horrible thick roof weld lines and after a bit of reading up on the net I decided to tackle this issue. The thick weld lines were carefully trimmed with a Swann Morton No 17 blade.

Original Roof is at the bottom and the trimmed at the top.


Also added to the coach was a dynamo belt. The idea was picked up off Jim Smith-Wright’s site http://www.p4newstreet.com/improving-the-bachmann-mk1s-part-1-brakes.html. Jim’s used the Masokit etch which also has the brake linkages but I decided to use a bit of scrap etch.


With these bits done all that was left was to add transfers for the new coach numbers, set numbers on the ends and give them a light weathering.

2015-05-01 13.24.47-1SAMSUNG

So that’s one more set of coaches just about finished for Herstmonceux and I think effort to trim the weld lines down is well worth it. The basic weathering is done but I still need to add a bit of variation to the roofs plus a bit more on the underframes. I may go back and add the brake linkages at a later date but for now i’m happy with them.


Lots of Colour


My copy of the Noodle Books “Southern Vans and Coaches in Colour” by Mike King arrived the other week. This is a brilliant reference book for anyone that models the Southern Region. It covers all the pre-grouping companies, Maunsell, Bulleid, BR Mk 1’s and Pullman coaches plus van from all over the Southern.
The book is full of good clear glossy pictures. Each picture has plenty of information about the coach in question and others like it.
This book follows on from another couple by Noodle books, “Southern Coaches in Colour” by Michael Welch and if coaches aren’t your thing then maybe ” Southern Wagons in Colour” by Mike King will be.  Both are again packed full of good quality pictures and information.
For a little under £20 each they are well worth the money!