You can never have enough…

BOOKS!!! I was lucky enough to receive two new books for my birthday. First up is “Southern Rolling Stock in Colour” which follows on from these previous books. I have only had a brief flick through so far but its packed full of great colour pictures and lots of information as you would expect.

The other book is one that I was pointed in the direction of by a friend. If you’re interested in the Cuckoo line then you probably already have the book by A.C. Elliot and this is another must have. A few of the pictures have turned up in other books before but it also has a lot of pictures that I had never seen. One particular picture is very interesting as it is of something I am about to start work on for Herstmonceux – watch this blog!
There are a few accounts by people that used to work on the line, some of which were very amusing. For just under £15 its well worth getting.


I have been working on a few different modelling things as well which I will blog about in the next week or so. A bit more work has been done on Tarring Neville and the Flint building is progressing nicely although modelling will now be focusing more on getting some bits ready for Herstmonceux’s next outing at Tolworth. Chris is hopefully coming over the end of the week to help work on the new timetable which will include fitting in the Birdcage set and one other new coach set.
Talking of Birdcage sets I have a extra one of these. I was originally going to try and convert into the pull push driving coach of set 661. I made a start on it a while back but decided that the work involved in converting it wouldn’t be worth it so put it back in the draw. I have now decided to get on and build it as the driving coach of set 660 and I will probably put it up for sale once finished if anyone is interested.


Lots of Colour


My copy of the Noodle Books “Southern Vans and Coaches in Colour” by Mike King arrived the other week. This is a brilliant reference book for anyone that models the Southern Region. It covers all the pre-grouping companies, Maunsell, Bulleid, BR Mk 1’s and Pullman coaches plus van from all over the Southern.
The book is full of good clear glossy pictures. Each picture has plenty of information about the coach in question and others like it.
This book follows on from another couple by Noodle books, “Southern Coaches in Colour” by Michael Welch and if coaches aren’t your thing then maybe ” Southern Wagons in Colour” by Mike King will be.  Both are again packed full of good quality pictures and information.
For a little under £20 each they are well worth the money!