Ouse Valley Modeller is written by myself, Andy Jones. I’m originally from Buckinghamshire and was brought up in a model shop with most family holidays being a trip to Dawlish and stopping off at what ever preserved railway Dad had decided was on the route that year!
My modelling interests have always been based somewhere on the Southern Region. Whether it was 3rd rail electrics or North Cornwall steam, but after a move to Sussex I started to look at lines a little closer to my new home.

I’ve started this Blog to show things that I am working on, items that might be of interest to other modellers and other random things.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Andy

    We met today at Worthing and I just wanted to say how well you have captured the atmosphere of the area and traffic. I hope I can do the same when I get round to creating my own piece of “Ouse Valley” with my planned model “Piltdown”?

    Many thanks for the tips and for pointing me towards your blog which I will follow with interest.

    If you manage to visit a show where our Group layout “St Merryn” is appearing pleas come and say hello.

    Many thanks again

    Steve Carter
    South London Area Group of the Scalefour Society

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    1. Was good to meet you Steve and nice to hear someone else modelling the Ouse Valley Railway.
      I will look out for “St Merryn” and hope to see your progress with “Piltdown” at some point.


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