And an End..

The End

I started Herstmonceux back in 2012 wanting to recreate a sleepy Sussex station and two years later took it to Tonbridge show for its debut.. Since then it has done 10 shows and picked up a few awards but its outing to Epsom & Ewell MRC exhibition in April will be its last for the foreseeable future. I have been lucky to have a good team of friends to help me take it out on the road the last six years and we’ve had some great times at the shows we have done. It has also been good to meet readers of my blog that have followed its progress and make new friends along the way.


7 thoughts on “And an End..

  1. In truth Andy, I do hope this is the end to a chapter not the end to the book.

    I have always thought that Herstmonceux caught the charm of a rural Sussex branch line very effectively and I am not sure it really has been aired enough to let everyone see it.

    I appreciate there are always pressures on space and time but I do hope that you will reinvigorate Herstmonceux at some future point!


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    1. Cheers Mark.
      At the moment its a question of space. I have somewhere to put it temporarily after Epsom but beyond that i’m not sure.


  2. That’s a quality show to bow out on: when I lived down that way, it was a must-see and something to look forward to every April.

    Shame you won’t be doing more shows, though, as this is an excellent layout.

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    1. Cheers Matthew. Next project is the little 009 narrow gauge layout which will be followed by the cement works.. Have got some ideas and plans for another Ouse Valley station layout but it’s a long way off.


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