Going Home..

This weekend sees Herstmonceux making its way to Railex which is regarded as one of the best shows in the country. As I said in my post back in April, Herstmonceux hasn’t been out since last July so much of last weekend was spent cleaning the layout and tidying up bits that needed attention. Rolling stock was checked, fixed where needed and packed away ready.
Yesterday it was the turn of the locos to get a good clean and repair any damage. I usually give them a good run and oil as most of them haven’t been used for a while. Wheels are cleaned with a cotton bud and IPA, surprisingly most of the wheels were fairly clean.
Why “Going home”? Well I was born in Aylesbury and grew up going to Railex with Dads trade stand, back when it was in the Civic Centre. One highlight was being lucky enough as 10 yr old to operate Jas Millham’s Yaxbury for the whole weekend, must be why I have an urge to build something in S gauge! So this weekend is rather special now that i’m getting to take one of my layouts to my home town show. All thats left is to make sure I’ve got everything and pack the van tomorrow.





6 thoughts on “Going Home..

  1. I look forward to seeing you there, Andy.
    Now, about S scale… …as the current Hon. Chairman, who can I help you make the jump to Satisfy Scatchbuilding?


      1. That sounds like a good idea. I possibly made the switch to S too soon (I was 17) and didn’t develop the skills as quickly as I might have. On the other hand, no “baggage” of pre-existing stock – also meant that I wasn’t going to “dabble” in S, but made a fully-fledged commitment. Not for the faint-hearted, perhaps, but I don’t regret being free of the trade!


  2. It was good to see you, Andy.

    For me, Herstmonceux was by far the best layout in the show: nothing squeezed in tightly, not too many tracks, and running well.

    Also, as I said to you directly, anyone capable of producing a layout that good is perfectly capable of making a decent fist of S scale. Don’t leave it too long!


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