Testing Testing…

So in a little over 4 weeks Tarring Neville will be making its exhibition debut at Uckfield show. This weekend the Herstmonceux team are coming to give the layout a pre-show shake down ( Drink beer, talk trains and play with the layout), which means I have been busy trying to get as much finished as I can. Most of the buildings have been bedded in and some foliage has been added in a few places. All that remains is to add the smaller details.


Some items of stock have been worked on too. One of which is a RT Models 100Hp Sentinel. I have wanted one of these kits for a while because I was lucky enough to help with a preserved one when I was younger. Wheels, motor, flywheel and gearbox are included with the Nickle silver etches and white metal castings in the kit. The kits gives you all the parts to make the different cab styles and is a really well thought out. A thorough read of the instructions and plenty of reference photos to hand is a good idea.20170717_121757

It goes together really well and I am tempted to get another. I was originally going to make the kit up like the one I helped with which would of been a later style and the bunker on the rear but I decided on the earlier style with the flat back and internal bunkers. The Sentinel is going to be part of the cement works fleet and was going to be painted green like the other locos but I came across a picture of one in a nice orangey yellow colour and settled on that. The excuse being that the cement works had recently bought it and not got round to repainting it.

As you can see its rather a small loco… But not as small as another loco I have been working on.20170922_140959
This is a Judith Edge Ruston & Hornsby 48DS and when compared to the Sentinel or the Manning Wardle its really small!

More on that one when its finished along with a few pictures from the weekend..


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