Fin de semaine


Last show of the year done and Herstmonceux is packed away. The nice thing about taking the layout to shows is the different people I meet and get talking to. One gentleman I was chatting with used to help design kits and was telling me about this and the layout he has built. He also modelled the SR and was building a model of Rudgwick station. He asked for my contact details and on Wednesday morning I received a letter from him with pictures of his superb layout. He also included some information on a suitable replacement for my coal lorry in Hersmonceux’s yard.

(picture by Keith Harcourt)

Behind us at the show was Gouttieres, this is a French layout built by Keith, Mark and John of the Uckfield club based on the real station. Gouttieres is a tiny village in the Puy-De-Dome, a part of the region of Auvergne. The layout may be simple but it is really nicely modelled and its presentation it excellent. The Drasine (light auxiliary rail vehicle) pictured above is actually mine. I picked it up a few years ago in Paris and is normally used as a test loco when setting up at shows. On the Sunday it got to have a proper trip out on Gouttieres. Maybe one day I will get around to replacing the chassis on it and bring it a little more up to date. I may even build it a layout to run on!
There are some more pictures of Gouttieres here.



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