Flint building

In my last post I showed some progress (or not) of the small flint building. The first trial of flint work didn’t go as planned but the idea was there. Basically the air dry clay is fixed to the buildings shell with a small amount of PVA glue. Before this has chance to go off I use a small piece of brass micro tube that has been slightly deformed to make flint shapes in the wall.

I work in rows and columns with each column being about a inch or so wide. Any mistakes are easy to fix. Just run a wet finger over it to make it smooth and start again.


I work on one side at a time and then leave it to go off for a day. It doesn’t take too long to do and with some finest Ernest Ranglin and a good beverage a side can be done in around 15-20 minutes. The second time around I went for a slightly smaller tube and I am a lot happier with how it turned out but have a few ideas how to develop the technique a little more. Once dry the sides looked like this.





The excess clay was removed from the brickwork and a start was made on painting. So far I have one side almost done. The base colour was a light grey which was built up with some light grey mixed with yellow and slightly darker grey till it looked right. Then some individual stones were picked out with dark grey, brown, black and white. It still needs a little more work and I’ll post some more picture up soon.





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