It’s alive!!

So over the last few weeks I have managed to get the wire in tube laid and then got all the track fixed in position. For the few straight lengths of track and some of the point work I used PVA glue, while on the curved sections I used super glue. I’d used these methods before on Herstmonceux and it seems to of held ok. Plus more glue with be used for ballasting or where hardstanding areas will be.
Once the track was down the boring job of wiring it up had to be done… Now originally I was only going to put a couple of dead sections in but I have ended up with 7. A loco can now be left in any siding while another does some shunting. The switch panel was made up and set into the side of the layout below the switches for the points.


With the wiring done it was time to do some testing but then I realised that I hadn’t finished the fiddle yard! I had already fitted the table for the traverser so add the three sidings and made the wiring simple. One side is always live while the other gets its power when a pin is put in place to hold the track in position.


A few niggles with the track work were sorted out and everything is running nicely now. While testing I found that shunting the sidings needs some concentration, otherwise its easy to get in a muddle. This should get even harder once buildings are in place!



And talking of buildings, I have made a start on the small flint building. My first test didn’t come out as planned. And since the picture below was taken I have had another go and got much better results. I will post more on how I have done this when I have a bit more to show.




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