Slow progress

I have finally made a start on track laying. The cork was cut and glued down the other week, then I gave the point work a final test and soldered some wires to the crossing Vee’s ready for wiring to the switches. I’ve decided to use slide switches like I used on Herstmonceux. These will change the polarity of the crossing Vee and via wire in tube change switch blades. 2 birds with 1 stone and its nice and simple.
The next 2 pictures show the track loosely laid out before I started cutting the cork ready for the wire in tube.



Hopefully in the next week or so I will get the wire in tube laid and get the point work fixed in place. After this I’ll work out where to put a few sections so the odd loco can be left in a siding while another does some shunting. Its probably a bit OTT for a small yard that would maybe only have one loco working at any one time but it will add a little more variety.
I have also started working out what some of the buildings will look like and have been doing a bit of local research. One thing I wanted to do was hide the corner of the fiddle yard backscene. For this I have started making a stores building loosely based on the one that was in the yard at Hellingly Station.


The building has a foamboard core which will be clad with South Eastern Finecast corrugated sheet. Hopefully this will look right once finished and help hide the corner. If not I have a couple of other ideas to try out. Another building that I hope to make a start on soon is this.



It was spotted whilst out on a walk and should make for an interesting little stores building. I will probably add the tank on the end too. Trying to replicate the flintwork in 4mm should be interesting! And talking of flintwork, I am hoping to use is this building somewhere. I will change the lower front a little and reinstate its window and garage door. Hopefully I can make it look like a small workshop of some sort.



5 thoughts on “Slow progress

    1. Both are Flint Tom. The smaller farm building has a slightly rougher finish to it than the other one. I guess building a farm building it was done on the cheap.

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  1. Good luck with the build. I noticed an article in a recent Model Rail that showed a way of making a flint covered building – just in case you were looking for some inspiration!

    I really admire Herstmonceux. Hopefully I’ll see it in the flesh one day…

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    1. Hi Nick, Thanks for the heads up on the Model Rail article. I’ll have to see if I can get hold of a copy.
      Herstmonceux’s next outing is in November at Tolworth Showtrain.


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