Board yet?

First up I want to clear something up after getting a couple of messages and emails wondering if I had got rid of Herstmonceux. No I haven’t sold or selling Herstmonceux. No it isn’t retired, only to be brought out of retirement in a few years. Herstmonceux has invites to shows over the next few years and I’m still working on stock and a new timetable for Herstmonceux plus I have a few items to add to the scenery at some point.

Work has however continued on Tarring Neville. The lighting rig is finished and has had a coat of paint along with the baseboard.

The lighting rig sits on top of the fiddle yard with dowels that sit inside the supports. There are three altogether which are marked in the picture, two sit in the same place as the clips. The two clips are sprung latches and these hold the rig in place. This alone mean’t the light rig dipped towards the end so something had to be done. The solution I came up with is fairly simple and saved fitting a pole or something that would of looked terrible and out of place.

Each end of the light rig has a eye hook plate which one end of the wire rope goes through. The other end of the wire rope has a turnbuckle on it which in turn goes to another eye hook plate on bit of the rig that sticks up. When the rig is locked in place the turnbuckles are adjusted to stop the end dropping.

I’m rather pleased with how it looks. No sag and no weird pole in the way. My next job is to work out where to put cork sheet and then start laying some track.


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