The names Neville.. Tarring Neville

Yep. That’s right, its got a name! Tarring Neville is a Village between Lewes and Newhaven and sits pretty close to the River Ouse. As you can see it only small and some bending of history is going to be needed. In Saxon times it was a boat building village and other business included fishing and salt production. In more recent years it had a chalk quarry for local plaster manufacturers.
My idea is that the River Ouse followed its original course (highlighted in blue) and my small yard is a spur off the Newhaven and Seaford branch roughly where the red circle is.

I have also managed to get a bit more work done to the baseboard and lighting rig. The lighting rig had caused some head scratching as I wanted it to cover the whole of the layout but not having a backscene down the length of the layout was limiting where I could attach it.


I’ll do a blog post on how I got around this once I have tidied it up a little more but as you can see it works! I’ve fitted a couple of strip lights like what Herstmonceux has and I may look at fitting some LEDs too to give a better coverage of light. Next up is finishing off the last bits of woodwork and then cleaning it up and painting it.




2 thoughts on “The names Neville.. Tarring Neville

  1. Hi Anthony,
    I’ve planned the layout around exhibiting it but with the idea that it can be used at home too. I just really wanted to test out some ideas with this and see how it goes.


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