Some more bit on the side

A bit more work has been done on my small side project. The point work is pretty much complete and the baseboard now has a fiddle yard and some legs. The height of the layout took a bit of thought. My idea was to have it set at eye level but because I use 3 links on my stock I decided to drop it down to roughly 1m 40cm. Its still a nice height and once buildings etc are in place, you will hopefully be able to look through the scene without having to bend down too far.
The points were drawn up on Templot (after I’d remembered how to use it!) and are made using copperclad sleepers. First up was the diamond crossing with points either side to make a rough outside slip.



You might notice I’ve added some extra check rails. The plan is to have most of this section covered for access to the quay and other buildings/sidings. The other 3 points were made up and then placed roughly on the layout to give me a better idea of how it might look.

Before I can start laying the track properly I need to finish the lighting rig which has been causing a bit of head scratching but I’m getting there…
I also need to decided on how the points are going to be operated. I will be using wire in a tube but I’m undecided on whether to use slide switches like I have on Herstmonceux or try out one of the Scalefour Society lever frames. The lever frame would add to the play factor but would need a bit more thinking on the linkage to the points.


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