Keeping Time


Last weekend saw Herstmonceux out at the East Anglian model railway show. The layout behaved itself and we had a good weekend. At shows we run the layout to a timetable and we usually get through it 2 to 3 times in a day. Some of the reasons for running the timetable is to help the fiddleyard operators setting things up and it also means its not the same thing running every other move. This weekend was the fifth time we have used the same timetable so we’ve probably run the sequence 20 to 25 times and it was decided we (Chris and I) will look at writing up a new one.

Since writing up the first timetable I’ve added more coach sets which have slowly been included into the timetable. Hopefully by the layouts next outing I will of added another 2 coach sets which should bring the total up to 10 different sets. Chris has also been working on a rake of Mineral wagons that we would like to fit into the timetable. The rake will run down to St Leonards and onto Kent as empties and then back towards Three Bridges loaded. We will also look at adding some more interesting moves. On the current timetable we have a empty stock working that arrives, changes platforms and then departs in the direction it came. The idea behind it is that it has come down from Tunbridge Wells on the Cuckoo line and is head off to Brighton via Uckfield.
The main thing is to keep it interesting for us operating and for the public at shows. It might be based on a line that was never built but I try to run trains that might of been seen by using information from other lines in the area.

In the pictures are 3 locos that have been finished recently. The E2 above still needs a little work but isn’t too bad for a old Hornby model.


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