More Birdcages

I was asked by Steve Carter how I do the roofs on the Birdcage coaches and the honest answer is… as best I can. I follow the instructions as much as possible but no two are the same and a lot of filling, sanding and swearing ensues.
The main problem area I find is trying to cut the excess off to get a good fit and its usually better to leave a little more than is need and trim/sand it down after gluing. I don’t put a floor in the coaches like it says in the instructions but opt for adding a floor on the underside of the underframe. The reason for this is so that you can get inside still to add some extra glue if needed. Also you don’t end up with bits inside when you drill holes for the roof vents. For the birdcage end I cut the roof square with the front of the window and added the two strips down the side after. Hopefully these pictures will explain what I mean better.





The other thing you might notice is the microstrip on the lower edge of the roof. This serves two purposes. One, it fills the slight gap when your roof doesn’t quite fit! Two, its there on the prototype. Sometimes it can go very wrong and I have to use a slightly bigger bit of microstrip to fill the gap which I then trim and sand down before adding the smaller microstrip on top. I will try and post another update on these in the next few days as they are nearing finishing.


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