Caged Birds… and other coach news

First post of 2016! I hope you all had a good Christmas. I was lucky enough to get 2/3’s of a Birdcage set which is something I’ve wanted to Herstmonceux for some time. These Trio sets were seen all over Kent and East Sussex in the period I model and even though Bachmann announced they would be producing the 60ft coaches I decided to build a set from Roxey Mouldings kits.
I already have a few Birdcage coaches for Herstmonceux. One is a 50ft Brake Third S3291 which I built from a Mallard models kit. I did S3291 as this end up on the K&ESR for a while between 1951-54. A bit of modellers licence sees it turn up at Herstmonceux from time to time..SAMSUNG

I also have the Pull-Push set 660 which the driving trailer was converted from a 60ft Birdcage brake. This set used to work the Bexhill branch with sister set 661 which had a different trailer coach and flush body panels.

As with anything I build for the layout I first start by finding pictures of what I’m building. Now this isn’t as easy as it sounds when it comes to coaching stock! I’ve found 2 pictures of Set 596 that luckily answered a couple of questions for me. Not all the Birdcage brakes had Battery boxes fitted when new and they used power from the centre coach of each set for the lighting. Set 596 had battery boxes on the brake coaches and was something I almost missed off.
The Roxey kits can be a bit of a challenge to build but if you take your time and read through the instructions properly they can be very enjoyable and satisfying to build.
My coaches are almost ready for paint but here they are posed with the Pull-Push centre coach and also a picture of one of the brakes along side the short 50ft brake.



Hopefully I’ll get these and the centre coach (when I order it) finished in time for Herstmonceux’s next show which is the East Anglian Model Railway Exhibiton.

The other coach news was the Maunsell Nondescript Brake Saloon which I got finished enough to take to Manchester. This still needs a interior making for it and some weathering but I’m rather pleased how this came out. I might even do another one at some point.



2 thoughts on “Caged Birds… and other coach news

  1. Birdcages looking good Andy.
    Have you tackled the roofs yet? I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with fitting them, and any tips etc, please?


    1. Cheers Steve. Not done the roofs yet. They’ll be getting a coat of paint first. I think the Birdcage coaches were some of his early brass kits and the roof is one of the last bits to add. I’ll post some pictures when I get round to doing them.


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