Is it too early to mention the C word?

After a successful Worthing show the layout is back in the shed and my mind has turned to next show. On the 4th December Herstmonceux will be winging its way up north to Manchester. I’m rather excited about this and that fact the layout will be in the December edition of Railway Modeller.
2015-09-27 15.22.43-1
Now that the timetable has been modified and works nicely I’m planning on putting some more information on the front of the fiddle yards so that people can see that we’re not just running things without purpose. I’m also hoping to put Chris’s timetable graphs on display too. This along with the other information and the station totem will hopefully confuse a few more people. We were well into double figures at Worthing with people thinking the Station was real!

Stock wise I’ve got a whole pile of things i’d like to get finish in time for the show. This will include a few new locos and some more coaches. First up will be converting a Bachmann N class into a N1 which will be the subject of a blog post.

Talking of stock, at Worthing a friend brought along a few items to run on Sunday. The Bachmann/Kernow Class 205 Thumper unit seemed to fit in rather well even if a little out of period. Maybe if I can get enough stock together an early 60’s running session might happen..


But the one item that caught my eye and I might even invest in one myself is a Class 170 Turbostar!



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